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Why Translation?

Courtesy of Dreamstime

Courtesy of Dreamstime

Due to the fact that my professional and educational background is in foreign language, translation seems to be a natural progression for me. Early in my studies as a language student, I found that I really enjoyed those assignments which required some form of translating. My interest in translation really became piqued when in an effort to help keep my language skills sharp, I began to regularly change the subtitles, captions and audio options on movies and TV shows. Over time, I noticed regional differences and a few other nuances. This motivated me to want to learn more. In doing so, I began to really develop a strong interest in translating. As my interest grew, I clearly saw just how important and diverse careers in this field could be.

Immediately I felt a kinship to the historical figure Malinche. She served as an interpreter for the Spanish explorer Cortes. She was key to his success in conquering Montezuma and his people. Without her aiding in communication, history from that point on would have been significantly different. She helped make successful, in my opinion, the first real global exchange. I admire her courage and spirit. I hope that I will be able to look back on my career as a language service provider and be able to say that my work has had a positive influence on the world, just as Malinche had. For this reason, I proudly head this blog, my Facebook and Twitter accounts with a painting depicting her in action.

With this blog, I am excited to be able to merge both education and translation together. I hope to be an excellent source of information for the language service provider, the educator and the community they serve. I also hope that I can encourage aspiring linguists to consider a wonderful career in the world of language services.

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